Discover the resources that we have available for teachers, industry professionals, and others who want to spread the word about photonics and careers in photonics. If you would like a hard copy of any of the materials here, send an email to us along with your mailing address.

Light Book

Light: A Lab Manual for Teachers
Developed with a grant from the OSA Foundation, this book was written for K-12 teachers and contains 30 ready-to-go labs, complete with answer key, as well as 10 demonstrations. Most of the activities can be conducted with common materials found at department or hardware stores, or easily ordered online.

Lab Manual

PPT for Color Subtraction

PDF for Color Subtraction

Materials List

Photonics Presentations

We conduct multiple presentations each year. If you want to use our presentations, select from one of the PowerPoint presentations below. They contain slides about the various fields that are enabled by photonics, background on various job markets, and information about the degree program. If you have questions, contact Mike McKee for information.

Photonic Science and Engineering (2018-2019)

PDF for Color Subtraction
Photonic Science and Engineering (2018-2019) – With Video Background
PSE Brochure


Learn about our Photonic Science and Engineering program in an easy to ready, off-line format. Download these PDFs and share with others. If you have questions, contact Mike McKee for information. If you would like hard copies, just drop an email to us with where to mail them and which brochures you would like.

This is a full color 16 page brochure describing the various fields of photonics.

PDF for Color Subtraction
This is a single page, half-fold brochure, describing the Photonic Science and Engineering program at UCF.

Poster of the Eye

Eye Poster

Great poster if you teach biology or life sciences. Highlights the various ways that light is used in medicine. Download PDF


Poster of a Nebula

Nebula Poster

Great poster if you teach earth space, physics, or astronomy. Light is important in the study of the earth, the solar system, and the universe. Download PDF


Poster of Virtual Reality Prototype

Virtual Reality Poster

Great poster if you teach computer science, physics or physical sciences. Photonics technology is vital for virtual reality, sensing, and imaging and display. Download PDF

Poster of the Eye

Concert Poster

Great poster for almost every classroom. Lasers and LED lighting is used extensively at concerns, entertainment venues, and in television studios. Download PDF


Poster of a Photon

Photon Poster

Great poster if you teach physics, chemistry, or physical sciences. An artist rendition, light can be represented as either particles or waves. As a particle, they are called photons. Download PDF